BARKER ROOM REP an experimental theatre company based in Los Angeles, established in 2016 by Mark Sitko. Named for the room on the Brooklyn College campus where MFA playwriting students gather to workshop their plays with Mac Wellman, Barker Room Rep aims to showcase the work of the most creatively ambitious playwrights writing today; providing a space for inclusive, diverse, and controversial stories, and fostering artists and art that reflect these values.

With a simple philosophy, Barker Room Rep aims to produce plays that are pieces of art. Plays that speak to the modern mind.

Plays that challenge the [    ].

Fill in the blank.



Mark Sitko - Artistic Director

Erica Sitko - Development Consultant

Chalena Cadenas - Publicist

Jon Michael Villagomez - Artistic Associate

Alexa Maris - Media Associate

Logan Smith - Stage Manager

Paul Ketchum - Radio Director